Milestones and Deliverables


  • Calculate post-Newtonian parameters and test GR extensions from Solar System scale constraints
  • Test ETG with high-energy phenomenology from running experiments (evidences of micro black holes or any scattering gravitational states?
  • Study inflationary quantum corrections within f(R) gravity
  • Compare theoretical results derived from extended theories of gravity (ETG) with galactic data (rotation curves and velocity dispersion profiles)
  • Test ETG using mass profiles of galactic clusters
  • Look for ETG signatures in B-modes of the polarization of the CMB
  • Study how growth of large scale structure influences patterns as degeneracy breakers (between pure and extended GR based setups)
  • Explore the dynamical influence of inhomogeneities on large-scale cosmological background (develop a covariant and gauge invariant averaging procedure)
  • Study observational constraints on cosmological models coming from ETG


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  • Web of excellence
  • Gender lab (associated texts pieces)
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