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In the follow up you will receive an official CANTATA COST invitation\, where it will be stated whether you are eligible for the reimbursement of travel expenses by the COST CANTATA action. \nThe number of attendants is limited to 120\, and thus attendance can not be guaranteed to all.  For this reason\, and given the short notice till the dates of the  meeting\, we urge you to do your registration as soon as possible\, preferably before the 25th of october. Attendance will be selected on a first come basis. \nWe will advertise  the situation  concerning  the number of places available in this webpage. \n  \nWelcome to Lisbon\nLisbon is the westernmost European capital. It is set on a series of hills overlooking the estuary of the river Tejo and its channel connection to the ocean. It is becoming increasingly popular\, but it still keeps its charm and it is not yet ruined by mass tourism. The biggest attraction is the city itself\, best enjoyed by walking on the various districts of the city center\, entering in the occasional church\, museum\, or pastelaria (serving both savoury and sweet snacks and coffee). Also\, the combined effect of 2786 sunshine hours (annual average)\, limestone pavement\, light coloured or tiled façades\, the reflecting river and the ocean breeze\, produces the famed Lisbon Light. \n  \n \nLisbon on youtube  \nProgram\nThe scientific program will consist of separate sessions for each Working Group\, in which selected presentations followed by discussions will take place. On the afternoon of tuesday 15 there will be a MC meeting. \nThere will be a conference dinner on the evening of the 14th of november. \nPlease see the program here. \nThe slides of the talks can be found here. \nParticipants\n \n \n \n \n \n NameAffiliation \n \n \n \n Alberto Rozas-FernándezInstitute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences \n Alessandra SilvestriLeiden University \n Alexey KoshelevCMA-UBI \n Alvaro de la Cruz-DombrizCosmology & Gravity group\, University of Cape Town UCT \n Ana Alonso-SerranoInstituto de Física Fundamental-CSIC \n Andrzej BorowiecUniversity of Wroclaw \n Aneta WojnarUniv. di Napoli Federico II\, UMCS \n Antonia Micol FrassinoFrankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies \n Antonio da SilvaInstitute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences \n Azam IzadiK. N. Toosi University of Technology \n Bridget FalckUniversity of Oslo \n Bruno BarrosInstitute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences \n Carlos MartinsCAUP\, IA \n Cecília NagyUniversity of Szeged \n Claudia de RhamImperial College \n Daniela DonevaBulgarian Academy of Sciences/University of Tuebingen \n Daniele VernieriInstitut d'Astrophysique de Paris \n David Fonseca MotaUniversity of Oslo \n Diego Rubiera-GarciaInstitute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences \n Diego Saez GomezInstitute of Astrophysics \n Diogo CastelãoFaculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa \n Eduardo GuendelmanBen Gurion University\, Beer Sheva\, Israel \n Elsa TeixeiraFaculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa \n Francisco LoboInstitute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences\, University of Lisbon \n Francisco Tenreiro Oliveira CabralInstitute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences\, Faculty of Sciences - University of Lisbon \n Gabriel FarrugiaInstitute of Space Sciences and Astronomy \n Gaetano LambiaseUniversità di Salerno \n Gianluca CalcagniIEM-CSIC \n Gonzalo J. OlmoUniversity of Valencia & IFIC \n Goran DjordjevicDepartment of Physics\, University of Nis \n Helios Sanchis AlepuzInstitute of Physics\, University of Graz\, Austria \n Iker Leanizbarrutia AlonsoUniversity of the Basque Country (EHU/UPV) \n Innocenzo M PintoUniversity of Sannio at Benevento\, INFN\, LVC and KAGRA \n IPPOCRATIS SALTASUNIVERSITY OF LISBON \n Ismael AyusoFaculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa \n Ismael TerenoInstituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço \n Ivan de MartinoUniversity of the Basque Country \n Jackson Levi SaidInstitute of Space Sciences and Astronomy \n Jose A. R. CembranosUniversidad Complutense de Madrid \n Jose A. R. CembranosUniversidad Complutense de Madrid \n jose beltran jimenezCPT\, Université d'Aix-Marseille \n Jose María EzquiagaInstituto de Física Teórica UAM-CSIC \n José Pedro MimosoUniversity of Lisbon & IA \n Juan Garcia-BellidoIFT-UAM/CSIC \n K. Sravan KumarUniversity of Beira interior (UBI) \n Katarzyna LeszczyńskaUniversity of Szczecin \n Konstantinos Dialektopoulos University of Naples "Federico II" \n Lara SousaIA/CAUP \n Laszlo Arpad GergelyUniversity of Szeged \n Lavinia HeisenbergITS-ETH Zürich \n Luca Alberto RizzoCEA-Saclay \n Manuel HohmannUniversity of Tartu \n Manuel KrämerUniversity of Szczecin \n Marco BruniInstitute of Cosmology and Gravitation\, University of Portsmouth \n Marek SZydlowskiAstronomical Observatory of th e Jagiellonian University \n María Ortiz BañosUniversity of the Basque Country \n Mariafelicia De LaurentisGoethe University\, Frankfurt\, Germany \n Mariam Bouhmadi-LópezUniversidade da Beira Interior \n MarinoniCenter for Theoretical Physics\, Marseille \n Mariusz P. DabrowskiNational Center for Nuclear Research\, 05-400 Otwock\, Poland \n Matteo MartinelliLorentz Institute\, Leiden University \n Matteo MartinelliLorentz Institute\, Leiden University \n Nelson NunesInstituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço \n Nemanja RakicFaculty of Science\, University of Banjaluka\, Bosnia and Herzegovina \n Nicola TamaniniIPhT - CEA/Saclay \n Noemi Frusciante Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris \n Patric HölscherBielefeld University \n Paulo ReimbergInstitut d'Astrphysique de Paris \n Paulo Vargas MonizUBI - Universidade da Beira Interior \n philippe braxIPhT CEA Saclay \n Prado Martín-MorunoUniversidad Complutense de Madrid \n Rita NevesFaculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa \n Ruth LazkozUniversity of the Basque Country \n Salvatore CapozzielloUniversità di Napoli "Federico II" \n Sante CarloniCENTRA IST \n Sante CarloniInstituto superior Tecnico Lisboa \n Saridakis EmmanuelNational Technical Univerity of Athens \n Sebastian BahamondeUniversity college london \n Shadi Sajedi ShackerUniversity of Hamrbug (Observatory of Hamburg) \n Silvije DomazetRudjer Boskovic Institute\, Zagreb\, Croatia \n Stoytcho YazadjievUniversity of Sofia \n Sven KoeppelFIAS Goethe University Frankfurt \n Tiago BarreiroUniversidade Lusófona \n Tiago BarreiroUniversidade Lusófona \n Tomasz DenkiewiczUniversity of Szczecin \n TomiNORDITA \n Valentina SalvatelliCentre de Physique Théorique\, Aix-Marseille Université \n Vincenzo SalzanoUniversity of Szczecin \n Yashar AkramiLorentz Institute for Theoretical Physics\, Leiden University \n Ziad Georges SakrIRAP laboratory Toulouse \n Zoltán KeresztesUniversity of Szeged \n \n \nAccomodation\nWe have made arrangements with the following hotels to secure the rates that are indicated. When booking any of the  hotels below\, please insert  the reference “COST CANTATA”  to get the  discount prices which include breakfast. All of the hotels listed offer free wifi. Also take notice that there is a Tourist Tax of €1/per day that is charged in addition. \n \n3*** Hotels close to the Venue: \n•Hotel Alif Campo Pequeno \n•Hotel Vip Executive Zurique \n4*** Hotels close to the Venue: \n•NH Campo Grande \n•VIP Executive Vila Rica Hotel \n•Radisson Blu \nHostel and Bed and Breakfast: \nTagus Royal Residence. \nLocation: Av. Alexandre Herculano crossroad with Av Liberdade. (Central\, 4 metro stations from the venue\, 10-15 mins travel time+ 5 mins walk from the station Cidade Universitária to the venue) \nHostal 4U \nLocation: Rua da Madalena (Downtown\, 7 metro stations away from the venue = 20-25 mins travel time by metro + 5 mins walk from the station Cidade Universitária to the venue) \nRepublican Bed and Breakfast \nLocation: Campo Pequeno (2 metro stations away from the venue = 5 mins travel time by metro + 5 mins walk from the station Cidade Universitária to the venue) \nWhatever Art B&B \nAv Defensores de Chaves (3 metro stations away from the venue = 5-10 mins travel time by metro+ 5 mins walk from the station Cidade Universitária to the venue) \nOf course\, there is a large choice of other hotels\, bed and breakfast (residencial or pensão)\, apartments and hostels (dorms) in Lisbon. These are searchable for instance in \nArriving in Lisbon\nThe international airport of Lisbon (LIS) is well connected with most major european cities. The full list of airlines flying to Lisbon\, including low cost ones\, is found here  or in here. \nHow to reach the city from the airport\nThe airport is actually located inside the city and it has a subway stop. Taxi to the city center is around 10 Euros and it takes you about 15-20mins to get to the majority of hotels. There is also a bus shuttle\, the Aerobus\, with a fare of €3.00\, from 7:00 – 23:20\, that  goes through the central avenues of Lisbon where to the main hotels are located. \nPublic Transportation Tickets\nOn the vending machine (in any subway station) you need to buy a VIVA transportation card (0.5 Euro) and charge it in zapping mode. This allows you to use the transportation card in subway\, bus\, tram\, urban train (“S-bahn type”) and ferry. The cost of a subway\, bus or tram journey in zapping mode is € 1.25 \nTourism site of Lisbon\nYou can  find more  information about Lisbon in Visit Lisbon \nThe Venue\nThe meeting will take place at the Faculty of Science (see also the link) of the University of Lisbon. \n  \n \n  \nThe white building in the picture is the C6 building of the Faculty of Science where the Meeting takes place. \n  \nBelow you’ll find a map of the building to help you reaching the Hall  where the Meeting takes place. \n  \n \n                                 \n \n\nLunches\nAt the Faculty of Science and in the neighbouring Faculties of the Campus of the University of Lisbon there are several places (bars and refectories) to have a meal for a cost between € 5- €6. There are also some restaurants in the area where one can have lunch for around €10. \n  \nClose to the C6 building\, in the neighbouring building of the Faculty of “Letras”\, there are two refectories where you’ll find the €5-€6 menu comprising soup\, a main dish with salad\, dessert\, and a drink. In what regards the main dish you can choose among 4 dishes on offer\, one of which is a vegetarian dish\, and another a dish of fish. In the following link you’ll find the menus for the 14th and 15th of November\, as well as map of the location of these refectories: \nmenu3 \nSocial Event\nThere will be a dinner on the evening of the 14th of November. It will take place at the Restaurant Zambeze at 20h30. \nThe dinner will cost €35\,00 for general attendance of the meeting\, and €20\,00 for participants who accepted the official invitation.  This amount must be payed at the reception desk on the first day of meeting by those attending the dinner. \nCosmology in Lisbon\nThe local research group which is supporting the LOC\, in association to the CANTATA COST Action\, belongs to Institute of Astrophysics and Space Science (IA) that comprises a cosmology team with people at Lisbon University (mainly at the Faculty of Science)\, as well as at the University of Porto. \nAkcknowledgments\n  \nThe LOC acknowledges \n\nCOST — European Cooperation in Science and Technology\n\n  \n \nand the logistic support of \n\nthe Faculty  of Science\n\n \n\nThe IA – Institute of Astrophysics and Space Science\n\n \n\nThe Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia\n\n  \n \nPoster\n  \n  \n \n  \n  \nDownload poster in pdf format. \n  \nPick your photos URL: LOCATION:Faculdade de Ciências Universidade de Lisboa\, R. 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