25 February, 2017

Short Term Scientific Missions (March 2017)

A new round of applications for Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM) is now open until the 3rd of March, 2017. These STSM should be completed by […]
10 November, 2016

Astromundus crowd-funding Campaign

Astromundus crow-funding campaign to raise scholarships for talented students all over the world who have limited access to study Astrophysics.   More information you can get at […]
20 October, 2016

Women & the RAS

The Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) has been publishing a very interesting series of articles on Women and the RAS in its Astronomy and Geophysics journal.
6 June, 2016

Relativistic codes reveal a clumpy universe

Look out for the recent works on Relativistic Codes revealing  a clumpy universe. One of them involves one CANTATA member (Marco Bruni).