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The first CANTATA meeting will take place in Lisbon on the 14th and 15th of november, 2016.<\/h4>\n

The meeting will take place at the\u00a0Faculty of Science<\/a>\u00a0(see also the\u00a0link<\/a>) of the\u00a0University of Lisbon<\/a>\u00a0(see the item on the Venue by clicking the button above).<\/p>\n


To register for the 1st CANTATA Meeting\u00a0\u00a0<\/b>please fill the form that you access in the Registration Button, above. In the follow up you will receive an official CANTATA COST invitation, where it will be stated whether you are eligible for the reimbursement of travel expenses by the COST CANTATA action.<\/p>\n

The number of attendants is limited to 120, and thus attendance can not be guaranteed to all. \u00a0For this reason, and given the short notice till the dates of the \u00a0meeting, we urge you to do your registration as soon as possible, preferably before the 25th of october. <\/strong>Attendance will be selected on a first come basis.<\/p>\n

We will advertise \u00a0the situation \u00a0concerning \u00a0the number of places available in this webpage.<\/p>\n


Welcome to Lisbon<\/h2>\n

Lisbon is the westernmost European capital. It is set on a series of hills overlooking the estuary of the river Tejo and its channel connection to the ocean. It is becoming increasingly popular, but it still keeps its charm and it is not yet ruined by mass tourism. The biggest attraction is the city itself, best enjoyed by walking on the various districts of the city center, entering in the occasional church, museum, or pastelaria (serving both savoury and sweet snacks and coffee). Also, the combined effect of 2786 sunshine hours (annual average), limestone pavement, light coloured or tiled fa\u00e7ades, the reflecting river and the ocean breeze, produces the famed Lisbon Light.<\/p>\n



Lisbon on youtube<\/b><\/a>\u00a0<\/b><\/p>\n


The scientific program will consist of separate sessions for each Working Group, in which selected presentations followed by discussions will take place. On the afternoon of tuesday 15 there will be a MC meeting.<\/p>\n

There will be a conference dinner on the evening of the 14th of november.<\/p>\n

Please see the program here<\/a>.<\/p>\n