Report on Gender Balance — CANTATA Summer Training School, Corfu 2017

REPORT_GENDER_BALANCE ACTIVITY_CANTATA_SUMMER_SCHOOL At the Summer School in Corfu we organised an “unconscious bias vs gender balance” activity on the Saturday morning. This also had a follow up discussion on Monday evening. The activity was directed by Mariateresa Crosta and Signe Riemer-Sørensen, also on the bases od slides initially prepared by Alessandra, and also involved all […]

Astromundus crowd-funding Campaign

Astromundus crow-funding campaign to raise scholarships for talented students all over the world who have limited access to study Astrophysics.   More information you can get at official web-page of the Astromundus Master program:  and their Indiegogo campaign    

Women & the RAS

The Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) has been publishing a very interesting series of articles on Women and the RAS in its Astronomy and Geophysics journal.